“油历报”是一份虚构的报纸。 报纸中央有一个显眼的连体人物形象,一端是戴礼帽的摩登绅士,一端是张口大哭的婴孩。“油历报”,主要记录的是2011年6月的各类中英文新闻,包括体育,娱乐,社会,时政等。


    “Yourstory Newspaper” is a fictional newspaper.  In the middle fo the newspaper there was a conspicuous image of a conjoined figure, with one modern gentleman in a hat at one side, and a baby crying at the other side.“Yourstory Newspaper” mainly records all sorts of news in English and Chinese in June 2011, including sports, entertainment, social, political issues etc.

 油历报  Yourstory Newspaper

 装置  installation

 尺寸可变(单张108cm72cm)variable size(108cm72cm,each piece)