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刺菱  Scrutinize "Ling"   

综合材料  mixed media  

尺寸可变  variable size   


      艺术家耶苏对以天津尖山地区的红星里为核心部分区域进行的一次虚拟勘测行动。“刺菱”项目选择了尖山地区一栋废墟大楼内的一间屋子作为展厅。这个展厅也就成为了“帝王陵墓”概念下的一个象征缩影。室内摆放的物料勾勒出空间的静谧感。这些物料大多来自废墟大楼内部原有的物件。之前刷柱子用剩下的红墙漆,用来覆盖墙上原有的深红色装饰线。小墓室里主要的物品是绿色植物。一半被插在一个抽白瓷水马桶身上,另一半悬挂在天花板正中央。 这些绿植来自清明节用剩下的拜祭物品,是展览前某个夜晚在天津的街头所拾得。


       Artist Ye Su will scrutinize the area around Hongxing Li which locats in Jianshan district, Tianjin. Scrutinize "Ling" project is finally showed in a room in a waste building in Jianshan. And the room itself became an epitome of imperial mausoleum.The stuff inside the room outlines a sense of serenity, most of the stuff are from the building. The red paint left is used for covering the dark red decoration lines on the wall.  The main item in the smaller mausoleum is green plants. Half is in a white porcelain toilet, the other half is hung in the central of the ceiling. These green plants are leftovers from Tomb-Sweeping Day, I collected them in the street just one night before the exhibition.