敦煌计划 1

Dunhuang Project No.1

开幕2022年3月4日   15:00

Opening: March 4, 2022    15:00

展期:2022年3月4日 — 4月30日

Duration: March 4 — April 30, 2022


Location: Changyang Road No. 1687-G2, Yangpu District, Shanghai


董文胜  胡任乂  黄靖杰  Jochem Hendricks(德)  

Harro Schmidt(德)  刘广云  林加冰  龙盼  梁峰  

金锋(1962)  金锋(1967) 亓文章  史敦宇  

宋元元  沈少民  肖江  徐大卫  薛飞  杨欣嘉  杨义飞  

耶苏(张帆) 张钊瀛  张翀  张文心


Dong Wensheng  Hu Renyi  Huang Jingjie  

Jochem Hendricks(DE)  Harro Schmidt(DE)  

Liu Guangyun  Lin Jiabing  Long Pan  

Liang Feng  Jin Feng(1962)  

Jin Feng(1967)Qi Wenzhang  Shi Dunyu  

Song Yuanyuan  Shen Shaomin  Xiao Jiang  

Xu Dawei  Xue Fei  Yang Xinjia  Yang Yifei  

Ye Su(Zhang Fan) Zhang Zhaoying  

Zhang  Chong  Zhang Wenxin


展览作品现场: 动物源应现图

Exhibition Site: Animal sources




Dunhuang Project No.1

Dunhuang, an oasis in the desert, is located at the western most end of Hexi corridor. It is the site of the World Heritage Mogao Grottoes, as well as the location of Yumenguan and Yangguan, which is on the border of the Great Wall of Han Dynasty. With thousands of years of history and the precipitation of time, Dunhuang has long been the Mecca to the people of creativity in different time and space. As an important city on the Silk Road, Dunhuang brings together the politics, economy, religion, culture and art of many regions and nationalities across Asia and Europe. The collision and integration of cultures have made Dunhuang beautiful and metropolitan. The new perspective of the modern world has stimulated broader reflection. Dunhuang International Artists in Residence has issued an invitation to the global creative groups to convey, in the name of art, the images of the contemporary and international Dunhuang, in the eyes of “artists” to the world, which comes across history and time, spirit and belief, humanities and science.

The “Dunhuang Project” is an art project initiated by Gravity Art Space, which is originated from the Artist in Residence Project of Dunhuang Center for Contemporary Art. It calls for and invites creative people from all over the world, such as artists, architects, film directors, designers, musicians, writers and animators, to communicate to the world their vision of contemporary Dunhuang, through painting, sculpture, music, writing, animation and other different means. Every year, the “Dunhuang Project” will exhibit the creators’ projects and artworks at the Gravity Art Space in Shanghai. In addition, the project will invite some artists to Dunhuang to create their works on site.



Animal sources 


3m*15m*3m 2022