空间中出现了大量黑人家庭的照片,照片中都有电视机的形象。同时,展览中的旧电视机所播放的内容,包括了虚拟的风景、非洲足球队以及前美国国务卿赖斯的讲话等。这些视频都被标注为2017年,而展览的时间是在2016年。在进出空间的玻璃门上,粘贴着一幅巨大的马赛克头像:那是一位15岁中东女孩安详的面容(女孩叫Marzia Bazmohamed,因打碎家中的电视机,由此害怕丈夫虐待而选择了自焚)

       “2017” project focuses on imagination about time and space, and corresponding reactions on reality. Artist Ye Su set up a shop selling used TVs in an office space in a building in Wangjing district, and addressed feminist issues, racial issues and reality crisis of the media age in this place. The works include, novel, photography, ready made, video, installation etc.

       There is a large number of photographs of black families in the space, and every photo contains a television set.

       At the same time, the old television sets in the exhibition broadcast virtual scenery, African football team and the speech of former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. The videos were marked 2017, and the exhibition was held in 2016. 

       On the glass door of the entrance, there is a huge mosaic image: a serene face of a 15-year-old Middle Eastern girl (Marzia Bazmohamed, who chose to burn herself for breaking the TV set at home, fearing her husband's abuse).




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